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Texas Stadium Demolition in 360 degree video
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Did you see the 360 degree video of the demolition of Texas Stadium in April of 2010?

The whole thing was beautifully orchestrated. It was symbolic; the end of an era for the Dallas Cowboys. Sports fans watched across the globe as the stadium imploded and debris filled the once prestigious arena. One amazing thing that stood out in this web-cast; viewers could control their own view of the explosions from INSIDE the stadium as it came crashing down. By accessing a special 360° camera system placed inside the stadium viewers could watch any angle of the demolition when they wanted at the time of actual destruction. The video is stunning to watch, and is still available online.

For that one minute of video footage, it is as if you’re standing right in the center of the falling stadium. There is an interactive 360° view of the rafters where thousands of screaming fans once sat, tumbling violently to the ground, and Cowboys fans cannot help but be overcome by a sense of nostalgia and momentary sadness. It’s like saying goodbye to an old friend. It gives people unprecedented immersion, and it was all made possible by BigLook360.

BigLook360 is a Dallas-based media company that specializes in improving user experience via 360° immersive video. Through this immersive video technology, the user gets a higher sense of realism, and can view real-life events in a more natural way. Viewing different angles is as easy as clicking your mouse on the screen and dragging it to view in any direction.. This technology is extremely versatile and is a far more immersive form of media than typical video. It adds to the user experience an extra degree of usefulness. Award shows, concerts, travel, sporting events, festivals and  gatherings are suddenly far more relevant to those of us who can’t be there in person.

This technology has already been used to train soldiers in military exercises, to showcase hotels and tourism hotspots, and various other applications. BigLook360 is transforming the way we watch video, adding an interactive element that has been missing from mainstream media. To see this technology in action for yourself, check out some previews of projects on the BigLook360 site.

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