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Campus Tour Productions “360 Degree Video Style”
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Why consider a virtual campus tour using 360 degree video production?

Marketers and event planners continually strive to find new ways to attract and engage audiences.  Getting an audience to fully see and understand your product or brand can be as hard as getting that audience where you want them to see the product or brand in the first place.  This couldn’t be more the case than with using tours as a marketing tool.  If the audience cannot be on location for the tour, you shouldn’t settle for a standard promotional video.  Consider using a 360-degree video production as a virtual tour that audiences are more likely to find engaging and memorable.

Campus Tours

One great application of many for using this immersive media technique is in campus tours of learning institutions. Wilkes University understands that students in the process of planning their college future want to see what the campus looks and “feels” like, before they decide if it’s right for them.  Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to visit all the campus possibilities available to ambitious students, especially if they live long distances away.  A personal visit becomes naturally impractical and your prospective student, less interested.

How it Works

Using specialized video production technology and expertise, a 360-degree video, captures an entire location in a unique and compelling way.  Your viewer would have the ability to observe all views of the location simply by using their mouse to click and drag inside the video, all while following along with your on screen tour guide.  The capability of delivering a fully immersive video mimics the feeling of actually being on the tour and turning your head to look at something interesting.  Allowing the viewer to control where they look is far more immersive and experiential than a simple video where the cameraman makes that decision.

BigLook360 provides taking a tour of campuses without having to be there in person.  Thus, you attract countless numbers of students to your university without requiring them to travel and incur the expense to visit the campus. Not only is this useful for recruiting new students, it is also an extremely valuable tool for existing students to better learn the campus and all its facilities without any physical effort required. . Whether it’s a new student or a prospect trying to select a campus home, taking an immersive media tour allows your target audience to take it all in, right from the comforts of home.

Integrating Hot Spots and Maps

What happens when you are on a tour and see something you want to learn more about?  You explore further.  The same holds true with an immersive, 360-degree video production when you add “hot spots.”  With the right content creation expertise, a hot spot, or “point of interest” can be added to the presentation that enables the viewer to get additional information.  Points of interest may be annotated within the 360-degree video providing even more interactivity. Integrating a campus map with the 360-degree video allows viewers to explore and navigate the layout of the campus with greater, more life-like detail.  Adding these dynamic layers of interactivity offers the viewer more control over their experience which increases engagement and enhances retention.  The possibilities are endless!

The Possibilities Are Endless

While marketers can certainly benefit from 360-degree video production for campus tours, various other industries are utilizing this technology as well.  From tourism and travel to entertainment and training, use of 360-degree immersive media technology heightens realism and communicates complicated information more effectively for increased viewer engagement and retention effectiveness.

Visit for example video demo’s, applications, and other information about 360 degree immersive video.  When you see what this technology is capable of, you will wonder why you haven’t been utilizing it before now!

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