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360-Degree Video Covers NASA’s Shuttle Atlantis Final Launch
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NASA’s Atlantis Space Shuttle, launched on July 8, 2011, from Cape Canaveral, part of Florida’s Space Coast.  BigLook360 with their 360-degree video technology was there to capture footage from up close on the launching pad.  Footage from the 360º degree video of the Atlantis launch is currently being processed and edited which will be used to document this historical event, so that viewers can enjoy the realism of actually being at the final shuttle launch.

“Be prepared to be put in the director’s chair, where you’ll have the capability to maneuver your view in any direction while watching the 360-degree video. Simply click-and-drag with your mouse to be immersed in a 360º degree view of the event.  You are in complete control with the ability to watch the footage again and again, looking in a different direction each time.”

Atlantis Shuttle being prepared in the VAB

Atlantis Shuttle Launch Prepares in the VAB

As a preview to the launch, take a look at 360 degree video clips of the Atlantis Space Shuttle, as it’s being prepared in the VAB (Vertical Assembly Building). While you are there, check out several other projects that achieve astunning, immersive media experience. All 360 degree videos available on the BigLook360 website give you the opportunity to be part of scenes and situations you could not otherwise be a part of.

To watch a video the way you want—panning up and down, left and right, and even completely behind you—is truly powerful and only possible with BigLook360’s innovative, immersive media technology.  BigLook360 is familiar to documenting other historic, once-in-a-lifetime events. In 2010, virtual reality took a whole new turn as viewers landed in the center of the demolition of Texas Stadium, the longtime former home of the Dallas Cowboys.  The interactive video allows viewers to watch the explosion of the building from the inside, a vantage point that would never be possible in person.

BigLook360 is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, providing innovative 360 degree coverage of various events in virtual reality technology, all over the country.  Some of these events include major entertainment venues hosting live shows, behind-the-scenes action, music videos and, of course, historical events.  360º videos are also useful for advertising, promotion, tourism, and training since participants can interact with the footage and experience a heightened sense of realism.

To stay up-to-date about the Atlantis shuttle video and other 360º videos, visit frequently.

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