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How is 360 Degree Video Different from “Traditional” Video Productions?
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What is 360 Degree Video?

360 degree video is a remarkable, immersive media technology that changes the way a viewer interacts with live streaming video, video on demand, online training sessions or other video footage applications.

What is “Traditional” Approach to Video Production?

In traditional video productions, live or recorded, the director is in charge of what is seen in the finished product.  This “traditional” method of presenting any kind of film, videos or other medium, is limited as you sit back and take in what the director wants you to see.  However, with a 360 degree video presentation, you choose what you see.

360 Degree Production Approach

A vastly different approach is taken by a 360 degree video production.  In this unique form of digital media, viewers are in charge of what they see.  When watching a 360 degree video online, you simply use the mouse to click and drag the cursor in the video to the direction you want to view.  This enables you to look up, down, left, right, or completely behind you within the footage, just as if you were standing right there in the middle of the action.

360 Degree Applications

This technology is highly versatile. Often referred to as an immersive media, there are several practical applications for this innovative electronic medium, including virtual tours, live events, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences.  Viewers are afforded a degree of viewing flexibility that is unmatched by traditional productions.

In the case of video marketing applications, this immersive technology offers a way to present a complete look at your business and what you offer.  By presenting this information in a 360 degree view, you’re effectively engaging your target audience with a more memorable experience.

360 Degree Video Is Interactive

360 degree video applications go far beyond productions considered “traditional” applications. With such dynamic views and interactive capabilities that can be totally controlled by the viewer, this immersive technology provides tremendous upside for training and learning. This level of engagement afforded by 360 degree video leads to greater levels of retention. That’s why the military uses immersive technology to give soldiers more realistic training, and why teachers use it to send a classroom full of students on a field trip—without stepping foot outside the building!

360 Degree Video Goes Beyond Traditional Video Approach

The bottom line is that a 360 degree video production, with its wide range of applications, flexibility and interactivity can be customized to meet your specific needs.  At BigLook360, we are experts in producing immersive 360 degree video content for advertising and promotional agencies, corporate and commercial video producers and major event planners. You, too, can use this technology to its fullest capabilities. Give us a call today or submit your contact information online to discuss how immersive video can work for you in the areas advertising, marketing, or interactive teaching and learning. For more information, visit


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