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Where Can I Watch the Emmy’s AND the Legendary Red Carpet in 360 Degrees?
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If you’re a television addict who can’t get enough of your favorite primetime stars, no doubt you’ve circled Sunday, Sept. 18 on your calendar. That, of course, is the night of the 2011 Emmy Award presentations. If you’re asking, “Where can I watch the Emmys to get even more of my favorite celebs?’’ thanks to BigLook360 and, the answer is … your couch!


2011 Emmy awards

See the Red Capet action in 360 Degrees

On this night when the TV stars shine brightest, BigLook360 will deliver a free live stream of up close and personal views of your favorite celebs as they make the star-studded trek along the red carpet to the legendary Nokia Theater in Los Angeles. The live stream can be accessed on the Internet at


The BigLook360 camera will be strategically stationed at the booth right on the red carpet to provide the best views of the stars—you’ll feel like you’re standing right there in the middle of it all! The camera is stationary, but your views will be anything but static. With BigLook360’s immersive technology, you can direct your own views in a full 360-degree range of motion, all by using the mouse to click-and-drag your cursor to see who and what you want, when you want.


A pioneer in 360-degree live stream and video technology, BigLook360 provides a unique way to connect with audiences in a more meaningful way by providing users with the ability to direct their views from every conceivable angle.


Marketing professionals use 360-degree video to differentiate their brand from competitors. The military and others are using this immersive technology to replace one-dimensional training events with highly interactive videos that resonate with audiences and increase retention. Many high-profile events such the Academy Awards, the final launch of the Atlantis Space Shuttle, and the demise of the Dallas Cowboys’ old Texas Stadium were documented using 360-degree video technology.


As you get ready for the stars to shine at the 2011 Emmy Awards, experience the power of 360-degree video for yourself by checking out the BigLook360 demo gallery.

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