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360 Degree Video Increases Comprehension by Adding Virtual Environments to Training Videos: What is a “Decision Point”?
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Immersive video has many varied uses, but one area that benefits particularly well from 360 degree video is the training and learning application.  Viewers of training videos that feature virtual environments are engaged in the action more fully so they can safely practice their skills in a real-world setting.  This allows trainees to make decisions, learn from their mistakes, and increase comprehension in a safe environment while benefiting from better information retention.



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One particular area of training which benefits from 360 degree video production is the military.  There’s no better way to prepare soldiers to serve in the field than with virtual environments that test their knowledge with the presence of “Decision Points.”


A Decision Point is a pause in the video footage where the trainee is given a list of options to choose from.  Their decision will determine what clip is played next as if the decision were made in a real-life situation.


A military exercise may be shown from the point of view of any soldier present in the footage, which gives trainees a different experience each time they undergo the exercise and a full understanding of how their decisions will affect other team members.  This can affect the Decision Points and the outcome of what is selected.


Along with Decision Points, innovative features like “hit zones” on hostile figures in the virtual reality training video track how trainees respond to suspects and threats as presented throughout the scenario.  Depending on how the individual is hit, the next appropriate video clip will follow.  If the trainee’s marksmanship is off and they fail to hit their target, another video clip will be played as a result of the trainee’s miss.


Obviously, these kinds of situations would be dangerous or utterly impossible to perform in real life, yet virtual environments in an interactive 360 degree video format make it real-time action without the risks that are inherent in battlefield situations.  Be sure to check out other BigLook360 immersive 360 degree video productions in a variety of other applications.  This technology is so far-reaching it’s difficult to identify an industry that can’t benefit from 360 degree video!

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