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Use Multiple Camera Views & 360 Degree Video to Enhance Live Event Broadcasts
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There hundreds of different types of live events that deserve to be covered by the most comprehensive production possible.  BigLook360 has documented dozens of high-profile events like the Oscars, Grammys, Golden Globes, Emmys and SAG Awards.  Coverage of these events places viewers right on the edge of the red carpet.  Because 360 degree video technology allows the viewer to choose any angle they want from full range of 360 degree motion, they can linger on their favorite stars instead of being at the mercy of a director and cameraman. And it’s all done simply clicking the mouse and dragging the cursor to the desired view—all from the comfort of your home!


To provide even more in-depth coverage of a live event, BigLook360 will often employ multiple 360 degree cameras to capture more than one 360 degree interactive view. At a recent major awards event, BigLook360 streamed footage live from six different cameras located on the red carpet, the grand staircase, and the press room for viewers to get an up-close and personal look at their favorite celebrities arriving at the glamorous event. That means six different 360 degree views.  It’s like being there in six different places, looking around in any direction!

360 Degree Video

See The Live Event in 360 Degree Video


To help viewers see all of their options among various cameras and views, a corresponding map or diagram is provided next to the window where the video plays for the viewer.  The feeling of “just like being there” is enhanced by the viewer being able to get a “birds-eye-view.”  By referring to the diagram, the layout of the event is clearly indicated so viewers can understand and relate to each perspective and go look where they are most interested.  It’s like following your favorite celebrity as they move throughout the event, without them even knowing it.


BigLook360 has been there to cover high-profile events that feature the world’s most well-known celebrities, but we can cover your event as well, no matter how extravagant or intimate it is.  Take a look at the various kinds of events BigLook360 has covered to gain a better understanding of how we can cover your next big live event.  With multiple cameras at your disposal, your viewers won’t miss a thing, even if they couldn’t attend in person.


At BigLook360, we are experts in producing immersive 360 degree video content for advertising and promotional agencies, corporate and commercial video producers and major event planners. You, too, can use this technology to its fullest capabilities. Give us a call today or submit your contact information online to discuss how immersive video can work for you in the areas advertising, marketing, or interactive teaching and learning. For more information, visit

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