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Use 360 Degree Video to Maximize Sporting Events
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360 degree video is the perfect way to immerse viewers in an environment like never before.  There are all kinds of applications for this kind of interactive video.  The entertainment industry is certainly among the most popular categories to use this kind of video production. Using 360 degree video at major sporting events is also increasingly popular among special event promoters and agencies, presenting an entirely new viewing experience and growing a whole new audience of viewership.


With traditional coverage of sporting events, viewers are limited to the direction a camera is pointed at any given moment.  This one-dimensional viewing experience, dictated by the director, restricts what viewers see.


However, with a 360 degree video production, special cameras are set up to capture everything there is to see, in a full 360-degree range. There are no seams or overlay because everything is captured simultaneously in a single captured shot.  This technology affords viewers a “just like being there” experience that takes you well beyond the playing field. Want to monitor reactions on the sidelines or in the crowd? With a 360 video production, you can do just that by using the computer mouse to click-and-drag to adjust your view to the precise angle you desire.


360 Degree Video

See it. Feel it. Move it. 360 Degree Video

BigLook360 has been there to cover the Dallas Cowboys up close and personal.  Have you ever been to Cowboys Stadium when the Dallas Cowboys’ cheerleaders took the field for a dance routine that brought the crowd to its feet?  How about standing five feet from the official coin toss before the start of the game?  Or felt your pulse race as you see what the players see as they charge out of the tunnel and onto the field before the game?  You can experience all of this and more when you watch 360 degree game day productions!


All kinds of entertainment events, including the red carpet action at the Oscars, Grammys, Emmys and Golden Globe awards have been covered by BigLook360. BigLook360 has also been in position to bring full 360-degree views of the pageantry of Cowboys game day and rink side to provide views of the Stanley Cup playoffs, just like you were sitting on the players’ bench!  Check out all this footage and more to decide how you can use 360 degree video production technology to the benefit of your own business.


At BigLook360, we are experts in producing immersive 360 degree video content for advertising and promotional agencies, corporate and commercial video producers and major event planners. You, too, can use this technology to its fullest capabilities. Give us a call today or submit your contact information online and one of our representatives will be in touch soon to discuss how immersive video can work for you in the areas advertising, marketing, or interactive teaching and learning. For more information, visit

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