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Get Your Brand Noticed in the Explosion of Internet Video Traffic
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Online marketing experts are predicting an increase in IP traffic of more than 30% per year so that by 2014, interactive video will be will be the driving force of all Internet content.  Video alone is expected to account for around 19.5 Exabytes per month by 2014.  This incredible growth in online video marketing is expected to be experienced around the globe.


As you might expect, since the quantity of Internet videos is going to skyrocket in the coming years, the amount of spending in the interactive marketing sector is increasing rapidly as well.  By next year, spending is projected to reach $61 billion.  Online video ad spending alone is expected to reach $7.1 billion by 2012, and with customer-centric video applications in place, the medium will become even more appealing to consumers and marketers alike.



360 Degree Video - What Are They Looking At?

With all of these predictions in place about growing online video marketing, how do you expect your business to stay ahead of the game?  As a business owner, you cannot simply stand on the sidelines… you must get in on the action in this lucrative, massively-growing market, and the best way to gain that competitive edge over all others is through 360 degree video.


Interactive video is more exciting, engaging, and memorable than any other kind of online video marketing.  Picture a traditional video.  The viewer simply sits back and watches whatever angle the editor, director, and cameraman decide to capture.  There is no interaction and limited information retention.


Now, imagine a 360 degree video production that supports views at any angle the viewer wants to see.  By simply using the mouse to point, click and drag the cursor on any computer screen,  a viewer can have a whole different experience each time they view the footage.  This makes the experience more memorable and significantly increases retention.


360 degree video is a fairly new technology that you can incorporate into your marketing efforts today.  This will help you stand out from others that don’t know about this technology and differentiate yourself from your competition.


View some examples of 360 degree videos and learn what industries this immersive technology can be used in as you consider it for your own business.  Once you understand its potential, you will wonder why you never utilized 360 degree video production before.

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