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How a Virtual Campus Tour Helps Universities and Institutions Increase Summer Visitors
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This is the time of year when teens leave for college with the goal of becoming independent young adults.  Before they chose where to attend however, many students visited the campuses of their top university choices.  Others took advantage of a virtual campus tour to take them to notable places on campus via their computer screens.


Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour With 360 Degree Video

More than ever, virtual campus tours are playing a role in the number of students who choose to visit campuses in person.  This is because, when given the chance to preview a number of schools from home in a virtual setting before they pay to visit the school in person, students can get an idea of whether the school is right for them.  Then, they can narrow their selections and travel only to their top schools as determined by the virtual interactive video they were able to see first.


When planning for your visitors next summer, consider the value of 360 degree video production and interactive campus maps when shaping your virtual tours.  By including a virtual campus tour on your university or institution website, you also increase the chances that your school will rank among the top choices of potential new students.


Top universities like Cornell, Harvard, and the University of Chicago already include virtual tours of the campus on their websites.  Wilkes University in Pennsylvania is taking advantage of BigLook360 technology by offering an interactive 360 degree video tour that includes hot spots on a map to make navigating the unfamiliar campus easier than ever for prospective students.  By using “hot spots” which integrates a campus map into your virtual tour engages prospective students even more and increases the “just like being there” experience.


For more information about using a virtual campus tour on your university’s website, check out this BigLook360 blog post on campus tour productions.  When you see what this technology could do for your school’s reputation and attendance, you will wonder why you never used it before.

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