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Immersive 360° video can be used for any industry, uses include:

Entertainment and Events

Immerse viewers into any environment imaginable. This is perfect for entertainment applications such as live concerts, music videos and behind the scenes action. We are able to offer the viewer unprecedented access to any performance; up close and personal with the performer on-stage, among the crowd or from any location around a venue.

Proven success has come from our coverage at high profile events such as The Emmy’s, Golden Globe Awards, The SAG Awards, Grammys and The Academy Awards. Sporting events, half time shows, opening and closing ceremonies even car races would all be a natural!

Advertising, Experiential Marketing and Promotion

Captivate your audience and allow them to experience your brand or message interactively, from the inside out. We create immersive environments to be extremely effective in delivering exciting and informational content that can be used for both targeted audiences and the general public alike to meet your advertising, promotional or brand awareness requirements.

Tours and Tourism

Fully engage and better influence your target market within a compelling environment that you can control while still giving them the freedom to observe their surroundings. Whether providing a flying, walking or riding tour, or communicating important information to others, there is no better or more powerful way then immersing individuals into a creatively produced immersive world.

360° Video with Mapping

Integrating 360° video with map features provides an extremely effective tool that may be used for engineering studies, emergency rescue or deployment, documentation for before and after environments of general pre deployment familiarization. We’ve also used it for depicting multiple camera locations during live events.

Training and Learning

360° video training is an immersive approach to learning that allows individuals to engage and practice their skills in real world environments. It allows participants to step into the action and interact within the environment providing heightened realism for increased retention and comprehension.

Therapy and Rehabilitation

Immersive therapeutic environments provide patients with a way to experience simulated events and places in the safety of a doctor’s office. Immersing patients into photo-realistic environments and incorporating multi-sensory cues, offers patients a safe place to work on various mental illnesses including anxiety disorders such as; PTSD, fear of heights, fear of flying, public speaking, etc. Uses for pain distraction are also very effective to reduce a patient’s drug intake.

360° Video Previews

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