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Virtually Be There On A Campus Tour

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Do you want to check out a potential college? Or entice prospective recruits to your beautiful university? Visit and take an in depth tour of Wilkes University or if you are already enrolled, familiarize yourself with the campus and its facilities to know where your classes are. We’ve also included hot spots within 360° videos for even more details. Check it out here:

360° Video With GPS From A Helicopter

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BigLook360 captured this helicopter footage with embedded GPS data then integrated it with an aerial map to allow the determination of exact coordinates of your location.

Mapping the Washington DC Metro Subway System

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Using a specially designed rig for the 360° camera system, BigLook360 captured footage of the Washington DC Metro subway system and integrated the footage with the subway system’s route map.

Example of map with 360 video.

Mapping the Red Carpet at Academy Awards

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Streaming live from six different locations, you are given the power of director and can choose the place you want to view from and what you want to look at any given time.

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