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Atlantis Space Shuttle In The VAB

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Get an extraordinary up close look at the Atlantis space shuttle in the VAB (vertical assembly building) just before the NASA program’s historical final launch.

Atlantis Space Shuttle Pre Rollout

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Take an elevator ride to the top of the VAB (vertical assembly building) and check out the Atlantis space shuttle just before NASA’s rollout to the launching pad.

Space Shuttle Endeavor Night Landing

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This footage was captured just after the Endeavor landed from its space mission. Being at night we had to wait for NASA to light up the orbiter to get a decent shot.

Historical Live Event Documentary – In The Middle Of The Explosion

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With over a million web site views, this 360° video is the first of its kind ever to go viral. With the sacrifice of a 360° camera getting crushed, you get a look from inside the stadium as it comes crashing down around then on you!

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