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Campus Tour

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Do you want to check out a potential college? Or entice prospective recruits to your beautiful university? Visit and take an in depth tour of Wilkes University or if you are already enrolled, familiarize yourself with the campus and its facilities to know where your classes are. We’ve also included hot spots within the 360° videos for even more details. Check it out here:

Experiential Attraction: Texas On Tour Kayak Adventure

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Demonstrating the longevity of our 360° video production methods and now in the fourth year of promoting tourism for the state of Texas, you board a real kayak and explore the diversity of this vast state complete with sound, smells and vibrations.

The Ultimate Sales Tool: Immersive Hotel Tour

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Visit and look around at this hotel without leaving your seat. Now in its fifth year, this again demonstrates how our 360° video’s production capability can span years of use for sales and marketing. The 360° video is utilized for; corporate presentations, trade shows, new investor and licensing candidates providing an immersive tour of a Cambria Suites property.

360° Look Inside The Dallas Cowboys Football Stadium

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Get an inside view of this incredible stadium while riding up the escalator.

Interactive Display Montage

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This montage of clips was created for an interactive display at the City of Irving Texas Chamber of Commerce Visitors Center.

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