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Using 360 Degree Video for Training Simulations
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Most executives would agree that training new employees is arguably the most important expenditure incurred by any business. Using immersive 360 degree video is a cost-effective alternative to traditional computer-based training simulations that is proving to be quite effective in shortening the learning curve.

Compared to purely computer-generated simulations, 360 degree video offers enhanced realism with unparalleled interactivity. An immersive, 360 degree training simulation puts trainees into a more realistic environment using real-world views, not just sophisticated animation, 3D effects, computer graphics and renderings.

Training Simulation

When interactive 360 degree video is used for instructional purposes, trainees “step into” the training environment visually. Throughout the immersive training experience, trainees interact within the environment and make decisions based on what they are experiencing, thereby providing inputs that continue the exercise. Decision trees of outcomes can be embedded in a 360 degree video experience along with periphery sensations to achieve a teaching emphasis on every important point of the training simulation. All of this can be achieved in a much shorter time frame and without the complexity and substantial development costs associated with computer-generated approaches.

As opposed to graphically manipulated or animated elements, the “environment” of a 360 degree video is visually as real to the trainee as being there, but without the elements of danger that might be present in some vocations.  The result is a more experiential training and immersive experience that can provide instant feedback based on the decisions the trainee makes during the course of the training video.

Example 360 Degree Video Training Simulation

In the Marine VBSS Training Demonstration above, trainees are placed into a realistic, interactive training environment. Using 360 degree video as a training method, they are immersed into a search-and-seizure mission.

The simulation begins with trainees on board a patrol boat, chopping across open waters. The trainees are able to visually scan across the ocean in any direction, looking off the bow without restriction. As the scene continues to unfold, our trainee can continue to click and drag a mouse on any portion of video, to look in any direction.

Suddenly, in the uninhibited 360 degree view, a potential terrorist vessel is spotted. Trainees are given a choice, provided by an interactive “decision point” specially programmed in the video, asking trainees to choose whether to board the vessel.  In this training simulation demo, they choose to board. Choosing in which direction to view the actual video footage of the boat they have stormed onto, our trainees’ search for weapons and explosives.  As you will see, they are confronted by hostile persons and presented with another decision point.  Notice the number of interactive choices on how to handle the situation can be presented here. All while viewing in 360 degree video, not computer generated animations. This is the closest to being in the situation as you can get. 

360 degree video has limitless applications not only with training and simulations, but with anything needing an interactive and experiential element going far and beyond, traditional video productions.

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