• Emmy Awards Live Streaming; first VR live streaming in HD.

• Produced Full Motion VR Skateboarding Experience for Nike.

• VR Mapping Application of New York City Subway Stations.


• NASA Atlantic Space Final Mission in VR; VAB tour and launch.

Academy Awards; first live streaming in VR using six cameras

• First Interactive VR College Campus Tour for websites.

• Interactive VR Mapping of GE Power Plant.


• Most watched VR video; Texas Stadium demolition live streamed from inside.

• Created First VR Classroom Learning for Laureate.

• Produced Interactive VR Mapping of DC Metro System.

• Created African Village Tour for Cadbury.


• Choice Hotels – Designed and produced first laptop and VR headset systems.


• Produced 360° Video with Embedded CG and Interactive Branching.


• VR Formula One race with pitstop hosted by Jay Leno.




• Produced VR Aerial Stunt Flight for Schwan’s-Red Baron.


• Pioneered first action VR experience; the 120K Olympic Ski Jump.




• Produced First Ever 360° Video Interactive Immersive Mobile Marketing Experience.


• Created and launched world’s first commercial 360 video and VR test drive.

BigLook360 is comprised of a team of uniquely talented individuals having unparalleled years of experience with the creation, production and application of immersive virtual reality experiences. The company leverages extensive expertise in creative design, camera technology, software engineering and hardware integration to produce immersive VR content and applications.
BigLookVR blends content creation and video production to deliver dynamic immersive virtual reality experiences. Since 1998, our team has worked with clients in a variety of industries that include advertising, marketing, sports, entertainment, special attractions, travel and tourism, education and training.
BigLookVR is comprised of a team of experienced individuals in creative directors, producers, video production experts and highly skilled engineers with over a combined 75 years of delivering compelling VR content in a variety of applications.

Solutions & Applications

  • icon-vrProfessional VR Creation and Production
  • icon-liveLive Streaming VR
  • icon-broadcastLive Television Broadcasting Immersive Video
  • icon-customCustom VR Design, Development & Integration
  • icon-map360° Video and Mapping Applications