360 Video Puts the Audience in the Director’s Chair

When most people hear the term Virtual Reality or VR, images of video games and computerized environments come to mind.  Like most tech industries, the VR world is changing fast and it is opening up new creative ways to leverage today’s latest generation of VR headsets.
There is a remarkable and rapidly evolving imaging technology in the VR space called 360 immersive video. Unlike computer generated environments that rely on polygons to simulate real or imaginary worlds, 360 video uses pixels captured in real world environments to create the VR experience.  Even though computer animations have come a long way, nothing compares to capturing an environment in real life with high resolution 360 cameras.   Still, today the difference between 360 video and computer generated environments is easy to recognize. 360 video is more engaging because it is real life that has been captured and played back.  The high-resolution cameras of today can now capture more detail than ever before.
What makes 360 video unlike traditional video is that it puts the viewer in control.  In traditional film and video, the director chooses what the camera sees.  But with 360   video, the viewer is in charge of what they want to see and experience. Viewers can look left, right, up, down. They can even turn around and look all the way behind them.  360 video is more lifelike, putting the audience literally in the middle of the scene. Just as if they were standing there.  The viewer is in total control and it deepens the immersive experience unlike any other technology can.
360 video opens up unlimited possibilities for marketers, training departments and therapists.   Viewers can be transported into any scenario and get to experience that real world environment from the safety of their virtual reality headset.
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