Use 360 Degree VR Video to Maximize Live Events

360 degree VR video is the perfect way to immerse viewers in an environment like never before.  Applications for VR video are growing exponentially as VR headsets are getting more affordable.  The entertainment industry is certainly among the most popular categories to use this type of video production. Using 360 degree VR video at major events is also increasingly popular among special event promoters and sponsors, presenting an entirely new viewing experience and connecting audiences at a deeper more engaging level.
Go Big with VR Video
With traditional coverage of events, viewers are limited to one camera angle at a time.  This one-dimensional viewing experience, dictated by the director, restricts viewers from the freedom of how they can experience an event.
360 VR video production requires special cameras that are set up to capture everything there is to see, in a full 360-degree range of view. This unique technology affords viewers a “just like being there” experience that takes you well beyond the flat screen. Want to look around?  With a 360 VR video, you can do just that by the turning your head if you are using a VR headset, or click-and-drag to adjust your view to the precise angle you desire if you are viewing on a computer or handheld device.
Feel the Power of 360 Degree VR Video
BigLook360 has been there to cover the major events from professional sports to the red carpet at major award shows like The Emmy’s, The Grammy’s, The Academy Awards Oscars, CMA’s and many more.  Our cameras have put millions of viewers at home in the middle of the action.  At sporting events, the viewer gets more than a sideline view, they get to experience it in an immersive environment that engages the senses in a way traditional video cannot.  At red carpet events, viewers are transported to the middle of the glamorous action, eavesdropping on celebrity conversations and interviews.
 The possibilities of 360 VR video for your organization are only limited by the imagination and creativity of your team.  Immersive 360 VR video is truly the next best thing to being there.
 At BigLook360, we are experts in producing 360 degree VR video content for advertising and promotional agencies, corporate and commercial video producers and major event planners. Give us a call today for a free consultation on your next VR project.