VR Training Is More Effective and Affordable Than You Think

A recent PWC study on using VR for enterprise businesses, showcases just how far it has come as a viable training tool for corporations.  Not only is VR being adopted by more and more Fortune 1000 companies, the costs to deploy it has dropped drastically keeping pace with the consumer VR headset market.
Novelty vs. Efficacy
Early adopters are always attracted by the tech and the promise of evolving or even revolutionizing the status quo.  VR training has made it through that phase with flying colors and with some interesting data on how effective the platform can be as a training tool.   PWC’s study highlighted that VR is a superior platform to deliver learning objectives when compared to the classroom.   Their data suggests that the same concepts can be used in training up to four times faster than the same students in the classroom.  And this only takes into account actual contact hours, not the time it takes to travel to and from the classroom.  The same study showed that VR learners are 4x more focused than their e-learning counterparts and 1.5x more focused than the same learners in the classroom.
Scale Matters
VR solutions for large organizations used to be a complicated tapestry of expensive hardware, custom software, and engineering and support.  Most training professionals have not considered VR as a platform due to the misconceptions around the expensive “old days” of VR.   Today, the world of VR training is much more standardized and a lot easier to deploy.
In fact, PWC found that VR training is comparable in costs to classroom training with as few as 375 learners.  At 3,000 learners, VR was shown to be 52% more cost effective.   Even compared to e-learning, VR training found cost parity at just 1,950 learners.
Although VR training is a long way off from replacing classroom or e-learning training, it should be considered as a part of most organization’s blended learning strategy.  VR training, while relatively new to the enterprise, has already proven that it can make more meaningful connections to learners by allowing them to practice skills that help them relate to new perspectives virtually.
The time to invest in VR training for your organization is now.  If you would like more information on how you can use VR training in your company or organization, please reach out to an expert here at BigLook360.  We have decades of experience creating VR strategy and solutions and would be happy to discuss your needs.  Email a VR expert at contact@biglook360.com